CITC – Internet of Things Cluster – #IoT

THE CITC – Cluster of the Internet of things- #Iot

Technological support for those thinking about the Internet of services

#IoT #mobility #interoperability #sécurity #connectivity #robotics #data

The CITC ties together a rich and diverse ecosystem centered on technical, R&D, and collaborative projects aimed at high-growth markets: retail, healthcare, smart homes, transport, gaming, and more.

The Expertise and Resources Center breathes life into IoT projects and supports them by:

  • providing a Fab Lab for the construction of connected-object prototypes: from the idea all the way to the business (to find out more)
  • making available an R&D laboratory and a team of experienced technical engineers to pre-certify products, offer their expertise, and optimize innovative solutions
  • leading experiments dedicated to promoting IoT services and uses (e.g. Bibliomobi)
  • setting up themed demonstrators where people can get a tactile experience, experiment, and think about the services of tomorrow (e.g. SmartHome 3.0)
  • bringing people from each link of the value chain together in an #IoT ecosystem that helps many national and European collaborative projects flourish
  • providing dedicated tools for testing #mobility #interoperability #security #connectivity (e.g. Sigfox base station, NFC platforms, radio frequencies, oscilloscopes), and a fast-track prototyping platform (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D scanning and printing, workstations for electronics, a remelting furnace, and more.)
  • setting up platforms where products can be tested in real-life conditions (e.g. SmartIndustries 4.0)
  • training people and transferring skills, initiating collaborative research projects integrated with specialist laboratories
  • leading the cluster and organizing specialized events centered on new issues linked to the Internet of the future and contactless technologies (traceability, identification, system intelligence, etc.)

Projects dedicated to the Internet of Things, the Internet of Robots, the Internet of Data

The Connected Innovation Lab offers the means to totally rethink design; from creation to a finished manufacturable product. It does this by providing access to professional prototyping tools and equipment, help from technical experts, and assistance with manufacturing methods. EuraTechnologies undertakes this project in partnership with the Arts & Métiers ParisTech engineering school. It is aimed at incubator-based start-ups, project developers, researchers, individuals, and all those enthusiastic about new digital technologies.

The SmartHome project by CITC: The SmartHome project by CITC is an invitation to get fully immersed in the “house of tomorrow.” A world of discovery where technological innovations are harnessed to serve humans and their essential needs: autonomy, well-being, social ties, user-friendliness, responsible energy management, and so on.

The Connected Innovation Store: The Connected Innovation Store project by CITC (or CIS) is a demonstrator where visitors can experience the shopping of the future. Contactless technologies are now part of the landscape in the commerce and retail sectors. The engineers in the CITC R&D lab are constantly developing new innovations to illustrate the SmartShopping uses and practices we will see in the future.

Intelligent networks platform: CITC-EuraRFID has an evaluation, experimentation, and design platform for all areas of technology contributing to the intelligence of smart-grid solutions and sensor networks. That platform covers the following four key areas: transmission, networks, security, and embedded systems. The tools and equipment currently available are: network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, random-signal generators, wide-band amplifiers, reference antennas, pre-certification test benches, 3D antenna-simulation software, electronic-design software, development boards for the main radio-frequency protocols and technologies, long/medium/short range (GPRS, 3G, Sigfox, LoRa, Ultra Narrow-Band, Ultra Wide-Band, W-MBus, 802.15.4, 6LowPAN, HF/UHF RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Chairman: David Simplot

Chief executive officer: Chékib Gharbi

Contact: Sandrine Deprez – Partnerships and Communications Manager –