Stanford-EuraTechnologies training

Company manager : learn about innovation at the heart of Silicon Valley and EuraTechnologies digital campus!

The "Stanford-Lille Innovation & Entrepreneurship" program is a training course designed for business leaders, innovation and/or marketing managers, and anyone involved in innovation either in a startup, an SME or even in the innovation department of a major firm.

Stanford program

This dual curriculum, carried out at the EuraTechnologies campus in Lille in partnership with EDHEC Business School, and at the Stanford Center for Professional Development in California, gives participants access to:

  • World renowned teachers from the Stanford School of Engineering as well as other industries and departments.
  • A teaching program designed for the specific purpose of creating a unique and memorable experience for participants
  • Networking opportunities with Silicon Valley and key players in the high-tech community
  • Discussions, mentoring and practical exercises on real business cases relevant to participants’ business concerns

This program includes :

This program includes a week in Stanford in Spring, and a week in Lille in Summer

Four highlights:

  • A pitch training session in English at EDHEC
  • 1 week on the Stanford campus (California)
  • Midway evaluation session and preparation for week 2
  • 1 week on the EuraTechnologies campus in Lille

Thanks to the Stanford-Lille Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, business managers and innovation professionals can work on issues regarding their company management, business strategy, business model, day-to-day operation, and more, during group workshops and conference sessions with some of Silicon Valley’s biggest players in innovation and tech.

The aim of this course is to train managers, entrepreneurs and senior managers how to monetise their innovations faster, how to innovate by staying in touch with the market, using the methods implemented by the most successful business leaders of our time.

Following a presentation to an expert panel, this exclusive training course results in a prestigious qualification recognised throughout the digital industry.

Subject to terms and conditions, this training can be fully or partially funded by an OPCA (joint commission for collective training).

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