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Want to learn more about digital tech? From coding to digital marketing, software development and more, you’ll find the right digital training for you at EuraTechnologies.

To change career path and find a job in a rapidly growing sector

There are numerous different professions available in digital tech: from data scientist to developer, to web architect, systems administrator, information security manager, project manager, digital marketing manager, web designer, data protection officer and many more, and all require expert knowledge and skills.

Since 2009, EuraTechnologies has been offering support anyone looking to train in digital tech, get started in business, create a startup or develop their digital tech company.

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Digital tech: the future of work

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The EuraTechnologies campuses in Lille, Roubaix, Willems and Saint-Quentin are home to several schools and training centres that specialise in digital technology. Using distance learning, fast-track courses and Mooc and with practical projects like developing a smartphone app, each school offers a teaching approach that suits its students’ training needs.

These training courses, whether of short duration or over the course of several years, allow their students to become more specialised, to deepen their knowledge, to prepare for a career change, or to find a long-term job in the IT sector. Whatever your professional goals, there’s a job and a career at stake!

The schools and training centres on site:


Aston is an online open university that helps its students to find their vocation in a wide variety of professions. Using Microsoft expertise, Aston offers work-based learning courses to introduce its students to the world of business and tech. With a high rate of entry into the world of work, this IT college is recognised for its knowledge and expertise.

Format: work-based learning

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies.

aston logo offers an introduction to IT development services for job seekers aged 18 to 30. The purpose of the training is to learn about different digital professions, such as coding, web projects and even website creation. The programme is all about motivation, giving young people the chance to gain new focus and discover the digital world.

Format: 2 days a week over 8 weeks

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies.

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Eurateach, a certified “Grande Ecole du Numérique” (specialist digital school), is a web training centre. The school offers around twenty training courses in web marketing and development, for e-merchants, web agencies, students and job seekers. Eurateach is a school for learning about yourself as well as the world of the web.

Format: several formats are available

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies.

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L'école Showroomprivé

A certified “Grande Ecole du Numérique” (specialist digital school), this free university aims to introduce as many people as possible to the concept of innovation as a tool for success. The teaching focuses on modern technology, as well as training and integration for all into a digital society, in particular e-commerce.

Format: 6 months’ training

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies Roubaix

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Global knowledge

A major player in IT & Management training, Global Knowledge offers continuing education solutions in the field of IT for professionals and beginners alike. Our organisation is the most comprehensive range of courses on the market, for training in IT, management and governance of information systems.

Format: Various formats are available, either face-to-face or online

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies: find out more

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INEAT Academy

Ineat academy is the training organisation of the INEAT group.

Short courses are offered to digital professionals: front-end and mobile web development, DevOps, security, cloud, project management, data and quality.

For job seekers, the Ineat academy also offers a 400-hour training courses in the profession of full stack web developer with the promise of a permanent contract.

 The training takes place on the EuraTechnologies Lille campus.

INEAT Academy logo has developed a new language development method online. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the user’s journey, to then recommend reading content (often articles) that corresponds to their interests, level and needs.

Format: daily

The company is based at EuraTechnologies logo

Le Wagon

Le Wagon offers training in becoming a Full Stack Web developer.  The programme includes: Ruby programming, software architecture, databases & SQL, front-end integration, an introduction to Rails, and construction of a personal project. The training is based on a robust knowledge base and team learning.

Format: 9 weeks or 24 weeks (full time or part time)

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies.

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Wild Code School

This school offers students the chance to learn the basics of Web development through “hybrid pedagogy”. The training combines e-learning and face-to-face lessons to adapt to the students’ pace. Based on regular monitoring, key skills and digital creation, WCS takes advantage of the EuraTechnologies framework to train students in the world of the web.

Format: 5 months of training + a two to four-month internship

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies.

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OMNEO is a training organisation at the heart of the digital world.

The training courses are short and led by experienced trainers in their chosen field. Their purpose is to enable digital professionals to develop or learn new technical skills.

The training takes place at EuraTechnologies.

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Pop School

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