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Laboratories and research centres

Our goal is to support IT companies from the region and encourage the transfer of technologies between laboratories and innovative start-up.

EuraTechnologies brings together a significant number of laboratories and tools for demonstrating and transferring technologies, in a spirit of global entrepreneurship.

Each laboratory has an offer and/or a program that is specific and shared with EuraTechnologies’ vision.

plateau inria


Inria – EuraTechnologies

Inria’s presence in the EuraTechnologies ICT innovation ecosystem takes the form of a one-of-a-kind 200-sq. m. facility; the Inria Plateau. It presents the work done by the teams in the Inria Lille – Nord Europe center. The goal is to foster interaction between the scientific community, economists, and society at large. In that spirit, a collaborative work space has been made available to all those involved, along with a program of activities throughout the year.

A unique space

The result of work conducted by joint research teams run together with our partner establishments—Lille University, the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), the Ecole Centrale of Lille, CWI, and ULB—the Inria Plateau, located at EuraTechnologies, is a space for demonstrations and interaction between the industry and the research carried out in our institute.

Since its creation in 2010, the Inria Plateau has proven to be an effective mechanism for technological watch and a forum for discussions centered on digital innovation.

The team from the Innovation Transfer and Partnerships Department at the Inria Lille – Nord Europe center implements initiatives throughout the year to meet the requirements of companies evolving in the fields of information and communication technologies.

More information about the Le Plateau Inria

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Grégoire Maurice
Partnerships and Innovation Projects Manager
cea tech

CEA Tech

CEA Tech—an innovation accelerator for the industrial sector—opened its facility at EuraTechnologies in 2016.

CEA Tech is the research unit of CEA, and brings together 4,500 engineers/researchers who devote their time to industrial innovation and file some 600 patents each year. Thanks to its targeted areas of research (energy technologies, healthcare, digital systems, electronics and communications), CEA Tech develops and disseminates essential generic technologies for all types of businesses and all industrial sectors by providing a gateway between theoretical research and applications.

Since 2013, CEA Tech—with the support of regional authorities (PRTT: Regional Platforms for Technology Transfer)—has been progressively growing its presence in various regions of France and offering its technologies to local businesses. CEA Tech specifically responds to the innovation needs of the regional manufacturing sector, in a role that complements those of scientific and economic players in the region.

In 2016, CEA Tech’s latest PRTT was set up in the Nord – Pas-de-Calais – Picardy region at EuraTechnologies, with offices and a showroom where it presents innovative technologies for businesses.

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Ms Claire-Noël BIGAY


CITC is a cluster dedicated to the Internet of Things, made up of more than 100 members (companies, startups, project developers, academics, etc.).

The CITC—or Center for Technological Resources and Expertise in Technologies for the Internet of Things—takes on the new technological challenges associated with smart devices, machine-to-machine communication, and ambient intelligence. It ties together a rich and diverse ecosystem centered on technical, R&D, and collaborative projects aimed at high-growth markets: ICT, logistics, healthcare, smart homes, transport, gaming, and more.

The Innovation Center offers true technical expertise and has its own research & innovation laboratory. It provides the EuraTechnologies companies with access to a range of platforms, which they can use to build prototype devices (FabLab), take electromagnetic wave measurements, perform pre-certification tests, and so on. All with the benefit of the advice and experience of the Innovation Center.

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Chekib Gharbi


Shopping Innovation Lab

An innovation center like no other in Europe, at the heart of an iconic site for the ICT industry.

Give your innovation projects a boost at the leading European center dedicated to commerce and customer relations. SILAB offers an exceptional blend of tools, technology, and skills dedicated to innovation. With its support service, experimentation studios, and immersive 3D room, it offers a comprehensive solution to make your digital transformation projects a reality.


From the initial concept for an innovation project all the way to the operational prototype, SILAB provides its clients with cutting-edge technology and skills in the design of experiences and services.

SILAB offers three types of service:

Project support with its Usage Laboratory

  • A co-designing approach to support project concepts and the design of experiences, services, and usage.
  • Usage analysis to confirm the user-friendliness, usability, and user-experience of systems

Rental of experimentation and development studios equipped with the latest high added-value technologies for your projects. Those technologies can come from startups, tech behemoths, or research laboratories.

  • Store: To recreate and assess the customer’s journey through a store—the layout of products on the shelves, the cash-register area, the after-sales service zone, etc.
  • Home: To test commerce-related behavior in the private living space—kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, etc.
  • Outdoors & Mobility: To simulate shopping on the move—train or bus stations, shopping malls, downtown areas, etc.

Rent our configurable stereoscopic 3D immersive space (CAVE) to test your layout projects and/or your merchandising. Enhance the value of your presentations in the eyes of decision-makers, customers, prospects, and others.



Six experimentation studios covering a total floorspace of 800 sq. m.

A network of more than 40 tech and consulting partners for the creation of innovation projects

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Jean-Michel Flamant, Director of Development