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Lille is French Tech

EuraTechnologies, standard-bearer of « Lille is French Tech »

The Métropole French Tech (French Tech City) label—formerly quartiers numériques (digital districts)—was created in January 2014 for French cities looking to get local businesses and influential players involved in an ambitious growth project for their ecosystem. The goal of the project is to make the city an internationally recognized beacon of entrepreneurial vitality in a few years’ time, and to make France a true “startup nation” with global reach.

Lille—a natural choice

Lille’s enviable location at the heart of Europe—between Paris, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam—is what gives French Tech Lille its full importance.

The city can naturally position itself as the gateway to northern Europe, with a location at the epicenter of a catchment area of 70 million people within 300 km of the city—or less than 90 minutes by high-speed rail link—with one of the biggest high-speed broadband networks in the world. Lille lies at the heart of a market with consumption potential of 1.5 billion dollars (source: Experian 2011).

In this city there resonates a great collective commitment to the digital influence of France. The region already hosts a mature ecosystem made up of big names from the digital industry, including IBM, OVH, and Ankama, as well as promising young businesses, such as Adictiz, Clic and Walk, Giroptic, and others.

That ecosystem is supported by a network of standard-bearing hubs, such as: EuraTechnologies, Plaine Images, Louvre Lens Vallée, and Serre Numérique.

The strength of this ecosystem lies in its youth, openness of mind, creativity, and determination. Lille is French Tech invites you to see for yourself that it is ready to take its place in that vibrant future.

This is where you will find the heart of French Tech.

The spirit of entrepreneurship that has historically characterized the city’s economy can be gauged both by the number of businesses based here—altogether 200 companies with more than 200 employees and 150 medium-sized companies with high growth potential—and by the number of businesses created or acquired there each year: some 9,000 in 2012 alone. The great strength of Lille is French Tech is its youth: 35% of the population is under 25 years of age. A young, educated population that accounts for 10% of the trained engineers in France, determined to succeed and teeming with ideas.

Lille is French Tech is a collaborative and unifying project wholly in line with the purpose of the FRENCH TECH label. French Tech brings together all the talented people who make up the French digital industry. Entrepreneurs, obviously, but also all the people who are behind the digital movement in France: investors, engineers, designers, marketers, researchers, students, associations, bloggers, state operators, and so on.

The City of Lille and the Nord-Pas de Calais region are part of this movement—along with the nearby cities of Calais, Lens-Liévin, and Valenciennes—and they are all working to bring together the many players in the digital industry to build a pluralistic city of the future with real digital energy.

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