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Join the EuraTechnologies accelerator and incubator at St Quentin to launch and develop your robotics project with full specialist support!

Explore innovation in robotics and digital tech!

The EuraTechnologies incubator and accelerator in Saint-Quentin welcomes project developers and entrepreneurs who are looking to create or launch a startup in robotics and digital tech.

Specialist support

EuraTechnologies offers two support programmes at its Saint-Quentin site: “Start” for incubation projects, and “Scale” for startup acceleration, consisting of :

  • training sessions, practical workshops, business R&D experts, testimonials and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs, access to a fab lab for creating a prototype, and much, much more.
  • All of the projects and startups supported will benefit from the experience and services of the entrepreneurship and innovation community at EuraTechnologies, as well as events organised at the Lille, Roubaix and Willems campuses, access to technical and financial business partners, and a network of entrepreneurs and large companies based at EuraTechnologies.

At the heart of an industrial region

Supported by the Agglomération du Saint Quentinois, the incubator and accelerator is located in an industrial region at the forefront of robotics, with academic, professional and industry contributors all working under the RoboNumérique label, a combination of industrial robotics and services that incorporate digital innovation and discovery.

The robotics and digital incubator

campus robotique saint quentin euratechnologies

At the Espace Créatis in Saint-Quentin, the EuraTechnologies incubator hosts project leaders who are looking to innovate in industrial robotics and digital tech.

In a space spanning 200 m2, the incubator comprises 15 workstations, a pitch area, a relaxation space and a meeting room.

Incubated teams and individuals are given access to partner activities, including the fab lab, the BGE organisation for startup support, and more.

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