Tech and entrepreneurship culture for all.

1st North-European campus entirely dedicated to acquire knowledge about new technologies and innovation.

Learn, create, and invent tomorrow's innovations, today!

Located at the very center of EuraTechnologies campus and in the metropolis of  the northern french city of Lille, WENOV is a place for future entrepreneurs and tech talents to be trained. Any talents are welcomed to Wenov to follow our education tracks or to build their tech business projects. The place which is 23 000 square meters will open in 2020. WENOV is driving Euratechnologies ecosystem to be the heart of the European tech and entrepreneurship culture.

A place to acquire knowledge

Beyond a place to live, Wenov is a place to give access to new technologies and tech culture to youth generation from 6 years old and a place to understand tech and its tools, train newbies to be prepared for tech employment opportunities and the regional employees working in tech companies thanks to high level education programs… Wenov also helps the key players in the education and recruitement fields to better understand the regional companies needs.

  • Schools are offering short and long education training programs
  • Tech and Entrepreneurship classes can be followed
  • A very special place to share with all the key players in the tech education, training and recruitment area .
  • EdTech and HR Tech are allowed to invent tomorrow’s classes RH tools.
  • A student factory fosters allow to host anyone
  • Services are available as : restaurants, kindergärten and shops.
campus innovation wenovv

A place to transform education and HR tools

wenov innovation campus euratechnologies lille

Hosting place for the Edtech Cluster, WENOV will also bring the transition between education and HR careers thanks to a dedicated incubator driven by EuraTechnologies training methods.

The complex, developed by Vinci Immobilier, also includes office spaces for welcoming fledgling companies and startups from the EuraTechnologies business park in Lille. 

With WENOV, the EuraTechnologies digital hub reaches an impressive 100,000 m2 dedicated to innovation, research and promoting digital culture for all.

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