Labs and research centres

For a startup, an entrepreneur or a large company to innovate, they need an R&D approach.  EuraTechnologies brings together the world of entrepreneurship and the world of research, and facilitates interaction between them.

Collaboration between startups and research labs

Since its creation in 2009, EuraTechnologies has put technological innovation at the heart of its support programmes. Project developers from the incubation and acceleration programmes have access to research centres and laboratories across EuraTechnologies sites. 

The EuraTechnologies teams help them make contact with key players in innovation, with project leaders, entrepreneurs, developers and researchers coming together to work on a single project.

This collaboration between researchers and startups leads to the emergence of breakthrough innovations, transforming uses, revolutionising behaviour and changing the market for good. The collaboration can take several forms: sharing of experience and knowledge, co-creation of an innovative product, a startup-dedicated research project or an open innovation approach in which sharing and collaboration between different professions/activities results in the emergence of technological innovation. 


Développer les solutions innovantes


These research centres and laboratories have special links with many key players in education and research in France and abroad, specifically in the Hauts-de-France region, such as the University of Lille, CNRS, Ecole Centrale de Lille, PolytechLille, Institut Pasteur de Lille, and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). The collaboration between startups and researchers can also take the form of intrapreneurship, where a large company sends one or more team members to lead a startup project with the support of an R&D centre.

Research labs in EuraTechnologies

On the EuraTechnologies campus in Lille, the close proximity of entrepreneurs, large firms, training organisations and research labs allow project developers and startups to accelerate the development of innovative solutions and focus on R&D. On site, you will find:


These research centres facilitate the transfer of technology between researchers, startups and large companies. They also support project leaders and IT companies in the development and co-development of innovative solutions. Their facilities and equipment make it possible to create prototypes, carry out tests and obtain pre-certification. Startups and researchers work together in a computer research centre around a shared problem or challenge.

The company RTE, Réseau Transport Electricité, chose EuraTechnologies to set up its showroom in northern France. Its interactive space presents the electrical networks of the future, as well as technology and innovations related to energy transition.

Putting technological innovation at the heart of a company's approach


Whether in the field of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, deep tech, big data, connected agriculture, or other, the proximity between the different players on the EuraTechnologies campuses strengthens the collaborative approach to research and development. 

Some project developers in the EuraTechnologies incubation programme can therefore be both researchers and entrepreneurs, to make the move from laboratory to market, with the classic startup spirit.

EuraTechnologies also supports industry players, major firms, and public and private organisations looking to launch an internal innovation process. The centre of excellence and innovation coordinates and encourages collaboration between startup researchers with the aim of fine-tuning their breakthrough innovation.

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