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Financing your startup: advice and support from EuraTechnologies

Startups in creation or acceleration: banking partners can fund your development

The EuraTechnologies support programmes offer assistance with funding your startup, including advice and preparation on how to approach banks. 

With its expertise acquired since 2009, EuraTechnologies has successfully established a network of partners to help its entrepreneurs, including some major players in innovation finance in France.

EuraTechnologies teams can put project developers and entrepreneurs in touch with various banking partners. 

From idea to funding

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Through its incubation programme, Start, its acceleration programme, Scale, and its tailor-made international development programme, Grow, EuraTechnologies supports project developers, startups and tech companies with their growth.

At each stage of a startup’s life, the startup managers can advise entrepreneurs in their quest for funding and banking partners.

Each project, each sector of activity, and each level of a startup’s maturity has an ideal financial backer. Entrepreneurs benefit from expert advice to best prepare their applications for bank loans and fundraising requests.

Collaborative workshops and special training sessions

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Collaborative workshops and special training sessions are offered by the startup support teams, covering the business model, business plan, market knowledge, management, accounting, and fundraising prep. All of these steps and preliminary documents must be prepared before requesting meetings with banking partners.

Special partners

Banking establishments are reliable and loyal partners of innovative startups. A bank loan is the most common and classic solution for funding your startup, and being a startup supported by EuraTechnologies, the leading incubator and accelerator in Europe, brings a level of credibility appreciated by banks.
Depending on the needs of the startup or tech company in question, EuraTechnologies teams can organise one-to-one business meetings between startups and investors, in particular VCs, business angels and banking establishments.

Other institutions, including public ones like the BPI and regional bodies (with French Regional Investment Funds), are also prime partners for a startup looking for funding.

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