International support

Does your startup have plans for international development? EuraTechnologies supports you with identifying business opportunities and breaking into a foreign market
  • Soft landing out
  • International support
  • Acculturation to a foreign market
  • Understanding of the business principles and rules on the target market

EuraTechnologies helps project developers, startups and entrepreneurs

to develop their business in European and global markets (import/export, sales growth, international development strategy, etc.)

From organising their attendance at renowned international trade fairs (CES Las Vegas, Lisbon Web Summit, IFA Berlin, etc.), planning a soft landing to establish themselves at the heart of the EuraTechnologies ecosystem, arranging visits to check out a specific foreign market, welcoming foreign delegations, offering recruitment advice from an International Development Manager, the EuraTechnologies team supports and advises companies with their expansion abroad

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International support for companies

EuraTechnologies works to support the economic growth and influence of digital startups and companies abroad.

Support and preparation for major international trade fairs


EuraTechnologies arranges for startups and digital companies to attend international tech fairs, including: CES Las VegasLisbon Web SummitIFA BerlinInnovex Computex Taiwan, VivaTech ParisHanover MesseSmart City BarcelonaGitex Dubai.

Entrepreneurs can also benefit from personalised and group coaching, as well as administrative guidance and logistical arrangements to best prepare for their trip.

Economic visits to a foreign country:


EuraTechnologies supports companies looking to develop abroad: exploratory visits as part of the Hauts-de-France Booster plan and contributions at international trade fairs. 

During these visits (France, Canada, China, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom), entrepreneurs are supported before, during and after their trip:
-understanding the local market through training sessions
-discovery of local innovative digital networks and communities
-qualified and personalised business meetings with prospective partners and clients

The EuraTechnologies team provides follow-up support for the entrepreneurs after their visit to make sure their international expansion goes smoothly (monitoring of business opportunities and their growth).

Acculturation to a country through International Days at EuraTechnologies:


Every two months, EuraTechnologies decides to focus on a specific country’s market with expert speakers such as Business France, Montreal International, BDC Consulting, UK Trade & Investment, and Skolkovo (Russia). From China to Canada, Europe to the US, several entrepreneurs bring their perspective and experience of the given market: advice, successes and potential obstacles to successfully develop your business abroad.

Inclusion of partner organisations and hubs:


EuraTechnologies has a vast network of international partners. Entrepreneurs and startups can work alongside digital communities abroad to help them better understand the specificities of the country, meet potential partners, and benefit from a gateway into a new market.

The EuraTechnologies partner organisations are: Barcelona Activa in Barcelona, Startup Stadium in Taiwan, Digital EuroMetropolis –  Eurometropolis Lille–Kortrijk–Tournai and the Center for Creative Economy and Innovation in Daegu, South Korea.

Within the EuraTechnologies community, an entrepreneur or startup interested in spending time abroad can benefit from a short-term trip to the premises of a EuraTechnologies startup operating abroad (Shanghai, Canada, etc.).

Companies supported internationally (France, Canada, China, United States in particular) include Ineat, XBrain, Stereograph, Mapwize, Kylii Kids

Establishing yourself on the European market with EuraTechnologies


The EuraTechnologies team provides support to foreign startups looking to set up on the French and/or European market. The company will benefit from a specific soft landing approach aimed at testing the northern European and French market, to create the conditions for its success.

The startup will join the EuraTechnologies community and meet startups and companies from the centre of excellence and innovation (over 300 companies working at EuraTechnologies).

The support programme includes:

  • introduction to the French market,
  • identification of the company’s potential targets,
  • qualified business meetings,
  • mentoring time,
  • assistance with administrative procedures,
  • accommodation options,
  • participation in the support programme for accelerating the business on the French and/or European market.

This soft landing can be a long-term process that includes the medium- or long-term use of a coworking space or office(s) as well possible connections with legal, accounting and cultural professionals for the creation of a commercial structure in France and in Europe.

The following have successfully established themselves in Europe with EuraTechnologies:
Freebees, Carfit and various companies from South Korea and Taiwan.




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