How to find partners to boost your project ? Networking is an important part of EuraTechnologies’ startups support. 

Whether to find an associate, identify a business partner, recruit a team or simply meet other entrepreneurs, EuraTechnologies puts networking at the heart of its support.

Project developers and entrepreneurs often face a recurring problem: how to find partners ?

Networking at EuraTechnologies

Whether it’s to launch a startup, create and optimise a business model, build a prototype, find a partner or financial backer for raising funds or building equity, find a tech specialist, or something else, the networking at EuraTech allows project leaders, startups, tech companies, large groups and SMEs to: 

  • validate and structure their tech innovation project
  • access the advice and mentorship of experienced entrepreneurs
  • find support and assistance during the creation of their startup or innovation


  • develop their professional network
  • benefit from one-to-one meetings with specialist business partners
  • identify services, a business expert
  • look for talent, find a partner, hire a specialist tech associate (developer, CTO, DevOps, and so on)

A huge ecosystem

mise en relation écosystème euratechnologies

The EuraTechnologies tech and entrepreneurship community in Lille is made up of over 300 digital companies and startups, five research labs, schools and digital training centres, a 2500m² fab lab, major companies, SMEs and investors.

On each of EuraTechnologies’ four campuses, incubated project leaders, startups and companies can draw on the professional expertise of partners in the centre of excellence and innovation, find key skills for success of their innovation project or business creation, and boost the development of their startup or company.


The EuraTechnologies centre regularly organises discussions, meetings and networking events.

It’s an opportunity to build ties and find potential partners, whether commercial, technological and/or financial, as well as to boost your project by talking to your peers and other players in the network, and to join the EuraTechnologies community.

Do you want to join EuraTechnologies ?