A FabLab to build your prototype

With EuraTechnologies, project developers get free access to TechShop Lille, a partner of the Start incubation programme

Creating your startup's prototype with ease!

TechShop Ateliers Leroy Merlin in Lille

The TechShop Ateliers Leroy Merlin in Lille is designed like a huge 2,400 m2 fab lab, allowing project developers to create their prototype, pre-series or any other object – connected or otherwise – in wood, fabric, plastic or metal.

This fab lab, a collaborative space where participants can swap ideas and help each other out, is the perfect manufacturing workshop: there’s no need to buy or rent machines or equipment, everything is available free of charge for incubated project developers from EuraTechnologies. After a short training, each participant can use the machinery independently.

  • You will find a large workshop divided into several specialised rooms. Each one is home to semi-industrial machinery and tools (laser cutting, wood cutting, etc.) as well as digital manufacturing tools such as a 3D printer, graphics software, and computer programming to create your circuit board, for example, using the open source Arduino software.
  • For makers, or fans of creating objects of any kind, the fab lab is ideal for training, exchanging, and co-creating. For project developers, this Lille-based fab lab lets you to go from a concept to building an MVP (Minimum Valuable Product).

Entrepreneurs and makers are supported by the fab lab teams throughout their prototyping process.

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