Recruitment help

How to find the right startup’s collaborator ? EuraTechnologies brings you many HR opportunities !

Whether to find the right developer or attract the top talent in tech,EuraTechnologies helps startups and tech companies with the recruitment of their team

  • To facilitate the recruitment of talent, EuraTechnologies teams and our partner business experts provide HR advice to incubated and accelerated startups, as well as entrepreneurs in the EuraTechnologies community.
  • The startup managers support fledgling companies in their recruitment phase by providing them with advice and personalised assistance. The challenge is to attract the best candidates and top talents from Paris and further afield, and provide the best HR advice to entrepreneurs.

A job board for startups

aide recrutement jobboard euratechnologies

EuraTechnologies provides its community of entrepreneurs with a job board, where startups and companies can post internship and work-based learning opportunities as well as offers of jobs. 

The startups and companies on the EuraTechnologies campus are looking for a variety of talent: full stack developer, web developer, customer success manager, account manager, business developer, software developer, etc.

To recruit employees in digital tech, a salesperson, a developer, and more

The EuraTechnologies support programmes help with startup creation and the development of any innovative business. The need to recruit – whether it be full-time permanent employees, temporary labour or freelance experts – is quickly felt once the startup takes off or the tech company grows.


  • EuraTechnologies team provides HR advice, training, contacts with recruitment firms, and information sessions with business experts in HR. It has one goal: to simplify the hiring of employees for a EuraTechnologies startup.
  • The community of entrepreneurs at EuraTechnologies is fantastic platform for exchanging good practices and sharing job offers, particularly on social media, as well as startups' recruitment needs.

Helping meeting professionals

aide recrutement salon euratechnologies startup

Finding a job in a startup, a permanent contract in a startup, a manager’s position, a job in the web sector, and so on

EuraTechnologies also provides assistance to entrepreneurs and startups during their recruitment phase through events and trade fairs specifically designed to facilitate contact between applicants for a job, internship or work-based learning programme and recruiters. Recruitment and HR business partners such as Pôle Emploi and Apec, for example, are regularly present at the DailyJobs and Le Numérique Recrute job forum events. For a startup, developing your business is often synonymous with hiring your first employee… or increasing the number of your staff!

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