Funding Assistance

EuraTechnologies supports startups to find resources. Networking, mentoring and advices at the right time with a complete support.

Not sure how to finance your startup idea?Confused about finding funds to develop your business?

A startup needs funding to finalise its prototype, perform testing of its innovation, produce a pre-series, or simply accelerate its growth.

The quest for financing is a crucial step in the creation of a startup and the life of any company. It requires meticulous preparation, the identification of good financial backers, and can take up to several months.

As part of its support programmes, the teams at EuraTechnologies offer assistance to project developers, startups and tech companies throughout the life of their projects, including the search for funding.

A personnalized support

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The startup managers help steer the entrepreneurs towards the right investor, based on the startup’s objectives or challenges, and its stage of development.

The support offered for funding assistance therefore takes several forms: coaching on pitching the project and your financing/business plan, contacts with investors, business angels and VCs as part of a “fund-dating” event; the organisation of one-to-one meetings and demo days/pitch sessions in front of an audience of investors, monitoring of campaigns on crowdfunding sites, relaying calls for projects and competitions, and more.

Financing your startup

As part of the EuraTechnologies support programmes, startup managers offer advice to startups and entrepreneurs on the most suitable funding options for their project. The coaches offer startup managers personalised follow-up and support in the preparation phase, as well as training to present their project, the famous pitch to investors, and their financing needs, using a tailored business model.

Whether crowdfunding or love money, a bank loan or competition prize, an online campaign, grants from public bodies like the council, the government or the EU, interest-free loans or another source, startups can be funded by a wide variety of means.

The public and private organisations that support startups from the world of French Tech have created funding mechanisms specifically designed to get innovative startups off the ground. Or simply validate the feasibility of their project.

To find funds during their seed phase or first investment round, young startups have access to several financing tools such as capital injections from venture capital companies, which tend to invest at the very beginning of the startup’s life. The entry of a new partner into the capital of a young company can be another way of contributing, or increasing its share of self-financing. Funding from friends and family, known as love money, can also be a new source of funding. Networks of business angels, introduced by our startup managers to accelerated startups and entrepreneurs, also contribute significantly to the funding of R&D for startup innovations.

Once the innovation has been tested and approved, and the economic market identified, the startup finds itself faced once again with a need for funding. After some initial success in the sale of its product or service, the next phase in the startup’s launch usually requires further funds. The entrepreneur then embarks on a second round of funding to increase their equity. They generally set out to bring in new investors, such as an investment bank and/or network of business angels, and can proceed with raising capital.

It can also involve the acquisition of a stake in the startup’s capital, by a large group or a private player such as a Corporate venture or even an investment fund. The early stage of fundraising can last between 3 and 9 months.

BPI France offers several mechanisms to help finance young startups, including its French Tech grant, repayable advance loan and its R&D Innovation Loan. There are other public support mechanisms for innovation and R&D by startups in France: Research Tax Credits (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credits (CII) in particular. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from financial support from regional organisations and financial backers such as PRI – French Regional Innovation Partnerships.

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