Terril : data in use

Data as lever for business innovation

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Harking back to the coal-mining past of its home region, EuraTechnologies is becoming a global hotspot for extracting data, using it, and harvesting its value.

With the tools at its disposal and pioneering experiments in fields as varied as energy, mobility, healthcare, and others, EuraTechnologies brings together content and technologies to unleash the full potential of data as a mechanism for business innovation. To that end, it works in close collaboration with various scientific researchers and startups.

Energy-cost savings of 20-30 % for the Terril project
300 equipped teaching facilities
10+ in members of the consortium
Winner of the call for candidates in the French government’s Investments for the Future Program (PIA)
Over 3 million sq. m. of managed buildings
  • Project development & management
  • Engineering on harvesting the value of data, between agility and know-how
  • Help in drafting responses to national calls for projects
  • Forming partnerships with public and/or private operators
  • For all parties, from the idea to a certain maturity on a concrete problem
  • On matters legal, technical, ethical, etc.
  • Through direct relationships, conferences, participation in events, and information support.
  • Making technological innovations available to all sectors: employment, healthcare, security, agriculture, e-commerce, education, culture, and others
  • Laying the groundwork for contacts and relationships between startups, large conglomerates, researchers, and partners

The Druid

EuraTechnologies’ Project Manager for the Ubiquity Unit.
He has extensive experience as a project manager in ICT, but also as IT director and director of operations; the members of the EuraTech team never hesitate to rely on his expertise.
A graduate with a master’s degree.
Passionate about new technologies and IT.