The Atrium for a monumental event

The architecture of the Atrium, including the fine details of its decor and its natural brightness, make it one of a kind in France. Its versatility and myriad facets ensure that it will be the ideal location for your event.

Once hot spots of the textile industry’s heyday that spanned nearly a century, the Le Blan and Lafont factories are now linked by a great hall predominantly walled in glass: the Atrium. There is no other place like it in the world. While its industrial architecture has been preserved, today it is equipped with all modern conveniences and offers 1,600m² of fully modular floorspace that can be adapted to any event.

The majestic Atrium forms an extraordinary and original backdrop for your events, whether small-scale or large. Bathed in sunlight, ringed by garden patios, it is the perfect location for first acquaintances and creating an atmosphere of warmth. It can be made private day or night as well as extended with the adjoining areas, such as meeting and conference rooms.

An exceptional space for living and communicating, the Atrium offers 1,600m² of floorspace and is designed to meet the full range of requirements for trade fairs, exhibitions, cocktail parties, receptions, gala events, and so on.