Are you looking to build a more cohesive team? Are your employees keen to hang out to get to know each other better?

Then why not organise an after-work social so your teams can enjoy a fun and relaxing night out, with benefits on the atmosphere and quality of daily work!

EuraTechnologies can offer you a fun and unusual setting, with high quality services for a successful corporate event!


Organise your social event at EuraTechnologies!

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Choose one of our exceptional venues to make your employee night out an unforgettable success! EuraTechnologies is the ideal setting for a successful after-work social in Lille, with various spaces for hire, including its glass atrium for up to 1,000 guests, meeting rooms, a VIP area with roof terraces, a colourful creativity space, and more.

Whether to get your employees together, celebrate some good news, get to know your customers, build new relationships, recruit new candidates, or something else, a professional after-work social is the perfect opportunity to spend a relaxing evening with your teams. At a drinks reception with music and a buffet, with EuraTechnologies you can also include activities and entertainment, an executive speech, a product presentation, or a film showing on the big screen. The team can offer you an all-inclusive package or services à la carte.

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afterwork atrium euratechnologies lille

The perfect venue for your evening event

A social event held in one of EuraTechnologies' unusual spaces is sure to be a memorable event! Make the switch from a bar or meeting room, and choose one of the spaces at France's leading startup incubator for your next after-work event! The EuraTechnologies rooms are versatile, customisable and modular according to your needs.

The VIP area

Located in the tallest tower of the building, the VIP area includes a reception hall, two adjoining lounges, a meeting room, two terraces and a catering office.

Ideal for a drinks reception and relaxed evening out, the VIP area offers a light, bright setting at the top of EuraTechnologies.

vip afterwork euratechnologies lille

The Atrium

With its 1,600 m², the Atrium is EuraTechnologies’ largest available space.

With its impressive glass roof, this unusual and innovative space is fully customisable to match your vision of the event.

Music and lights will transform the space, for a party atmosphere that your employees are sure to remember for a long time to come.

atrium afterwork euratechnologies lille

The Creative Room

The Creative Room is a pleasant and comfortable space where you can enjoy a drink with your colleagues and teams.

Ideal for mingling and chatting, it is located at the heart of EuraTechnologies, opposite the startup incubators.

Developing your network couldn’t be easier as you join the 4,000 employees working in the EuraTechnologies community!

creative room afterwork euratechnologies lille

The Prestige area

Divided into two sections, the Prestige area is made up of a round conference room with high-quality sound system, and an adjoining space that’s perfect for a drinks reception in a light, bright setting. *

It’s a great space for a presentation, with your guests seated comfortably in the cosy armchairs, before you end the evening with a drink between professionals.

prestige afterwork euratechnologies lille

The conference room

Able to accommodate up to 72 seated guests, the conference room is a great option for presenting a report or giving a presentation, before taking advantage of the adjoining hall. In this impressive hall with no ceiling, your guests will be able to mingle and chat with colleagues and other guests.

Ideally located on the ground floor of the building, away from passing traffic and the other rooms for hire, make the most of an exclusive event to develop your network!

hall conférence afterwork euratechnologies lille
Your imagination is the only limit! Why not try a new approach to your social events to unite and engage your teams? You could organise a job-dating event in the form of a work night out, or a game of tennis between colleagues in the Atrium.

Our tech community

A valuable asset for your evening event

EuraTechnologies, the no. 1 startup incubator and accelerator in France, is a centre of innovation and excellence created in Lille in 2009. It supports the development of all digital entrepreneurs, from their initial idea to their international deployment.

EuraTechnologies brings together a community of over 300 companies, 200 startups, 4,000-plus employees, more than 300 projects supported and over 500 events each year. Capitalise on the dynamic energy of this network for your own evening event by renting a space for your after-work social. 

Among the many events organised on site, major French and international brands have chosen EuraTechnologies, and are always satisfied with the services and rooms.

Some feedback from after-work socials held at EuraTechnologies

Angélique briere bmw

“I was delighted with the event, which went brilliantly! Thank you for your teams' professionalism, which helped the evening go so smoothly. The venue was a hit with everyone, we will definitely be back!”

Angélique Brière BMW
melody viaud rakuten

“"We really appreciated your responsiveness during the day and we had great feedback on the drinks :) The event was a massive hit!»”

Melody Viaud Rakuten
The after-work social, an ideal choice for a successful work event

After a day of work in an open-plan space or at their company’s offices, employees in America and in the UK have got into the habit of heading out with colleagues for a drink. These after-work socials become an opportunity for them to strengthen their ties, and socialise in a non-professional setting. In recent years, this practice has spread around the world, and is winning over workers in France. To get to know their colleagues better, the French are now getting together in a relaxing atmosphere after their day at the office. 

Socialising after work is also a great opportunity to expand your professional network. It’s a chance to make connections in a more laid-back setting, and encourages participants to chat more openly than in the workplace. This type of social networking event can even be designed to recruit new employees, by checking how well they fit in, and how well they get on with other employees. And when a new colleague is hired, it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to the teams, to encourage their integration in a more relaxed setting. These networking evenings and social events are a chance to interact, get to know your service providers, chat to customers, and make new introductions!