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Is your startup ready to invest in an office? Join a dynamic tech ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs, researchers, students and enthusiasts, all at EuraTech!

EuraTechnologies: a centre of excellence and innovation


Located in the up-and-coming Les Rives de la Haute Deûle area of Les Bois Blancs in Lille, EuraTechnologies is a lively neighbourhood and community with housing, shops, restaurants, large businesses and a crèche, 

A veritable digital hyper hub since 2009, the EuraTechnologies building stock is set to reach 150,000m2 by 2020. 

Offices available for purchase



By choosing EuraTechnologies Lille for your company premises, you are also joining the EuraTech community, including access to digital, tech and entrepreneurship events (socials, founder stories, breakfasts, training workshops, etc.), discussions and meetings with the 300+ companies and startups located on the business park. 

A range of offices for purchase in Lille for a solution that suits your needs, your budget and your activity

Are you looking for premises for your business or your startup?  Why not choose to buy an office on the EuraTechnologies site?!

The digital campus of EuraTechnologies has a range of offices available for companies or startups looking to establish a base. With a wide range of buildings, office layouts and coworking spaces, EuraTechnologies is the best option out there for buying an office in Lille!

  • over 80,000m2²
  • +4000 emplyees
  • +300 startups and tech companies
  • +500 events per year
  • +300 projects supported per year
  • a tech, entrepreneurial and R&D ecosystem

The offices available for purchase are flexible and modular. You will find entire open-plan office areas, and divisible, contemporary spaces than can be tailored to your business:

  • Custom layout
  • Collaborative work in startup mode
  • Creation of spaces for socialising and relaxation

By buying your business premises, you have access to all services and equipments of EuraTechnologies, you also join EuraTechnologies community. 


Wenov innovation square


Le Hashtag

  • Building A: 2000m² sp tertiary
  • Building B: 3000m² sp tertiary
  • Promoter: Nacarat
euratechnologies-hashatg-location bureaux lille

Le Triptic

  • 3 buildings: 5594m² tertiary
  • promoter: VINCI Immobilier
  • 2000 m² of space available for rental, open space from 200m²

Bâtiment Place

  • 1,824 m² tertiary created + 912 m² rehabilitated
  • Promoter: Soreli – Architect: Canal Architecture

Le Diamant

  • 3000 m² tertiary
  • Promoter: Ervefel

Bâtiment Dodge

  • Building a: 2,000m²
  • Building b: 3,000m²

Bâtiment Les rives de L’Isle

Surface: 2,036 m²


Bâtiment Canal

Surface: 1,175 m²


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